The Flyduino Kiss Carrier Board allow a clean build of the power supply.
This version aims  for H-Quad Race Drones/Copters.
KISS ESC can be mounted directly on the PCB.
The signal lines are then recombined at a comfortable row.
In this case we used 2.54mm angled pinheaders to mount the ESC, we thickened the Pins with solder, as they are short in this case they gave us no problems.

So called RECOM (high-quality small switching power supplies) can be installed on the PCB, for example, 5V to provide power for an OSD or a camera.
Instead of a Recom, a coil can be installed (raster 5mm) to act as a voltage filter.

Also optionally, the installation of 1206 ceramic capacitors is possible (they have no polarity).

Size: 75x29mm
Weight: 5g
Amps: 90A +
PCB with 1.6mm thickness

Kiss Carrier Mini Power Distribution

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