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When we designed the new FLIP FPV 260, we had a few things in mind.  We wanted it to be very strong yet light, but clean with speed controllers and associated wiring protected from possible damage.  We also wanted it to be easy and quick to assemble, and easy to repair.  It needed to be as small as possible yet still able to accept up to 6" props and 12 amp speed controllers.

The FLIP FPV 260 provides 3/8" (9.5mm) of clearance between bottom and middle plate, allowing ESC's and wiring to be tucked neatly inside the arms.  With wiring neatly tucked away, there is plenty of room left for flight gear.  A CCD mounting plate provides protected placement of CCD style flight cameras with three positions to adjust for length of camera.

Motor mouting slots allow for both 15mm-19mm (M3) mounting holes and 12mm - 19mm (M2) hole spacings.

All hardware used in this frame is aluminum, with screws being anodized aluminum.

This frame is an H layout, 260mm Diagonally motor to motor (210mm W x 163mm L)

Weight: 169g

Assembly Manual:


Recommened build components:

Flight Controller: FLIP 1.5 (MultiWii), KK2

For 3S (Standard Performance):

Motors: Cobra 2204 2300kv (3S) using 5"x3 or 6"x3 prop

Battery: 1200mah-1500mah 3S 25C-50C

For 4S (Aggressive Performance):

Motors: Cobra 2204/32 1960kv using 5x3 or 5x4 prop

Battery: 1300mah-1500mah 4S 25C-50C


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