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  • Arduino nano v3 (silabs esc programmer blheli)

Want to flash some silabs esc's or upgrade the blheli version and try oneshot or some of the other cool features - then this little easy to make toolstick is what you want.

These are not flashed with the toolstick software but it is very easy to do.

The arduino nano's come with all the pins but you only need 3 to use it as a programmer.

1/ Solder on some pins to GND D2 D3 like in the picture.
2/ Plug the arduino up with a usb cable to your pc
3/ Load up the latest version of blheli suite (available here)

5/ Choose the right com port
6/ Then click the make arduino nano stick

7/ choose the Multi one - click open
8/ then after some flashing you should get this screen saying it all done.

9/ Next make a pin header flashing thingie - i just grabbed a servo lead and some pins from a pin header i has lying around with a little hot glue i bent them in a little to match the pads on the bearhugs.

10/ connect it up with blheli and flash away.


You can also use this rig to program atmel chiped ESC's - just load up the atmel 1 wire 

in my example - programming the bearhugs 

D2 to C2D
D3 to C2CK



Arduino nano v3 (silabs esc programmer blheli)

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